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Nikeland at House of Innovation NYC

By creating an immersive, environment specific AR experience, we brought the Nikeland in Roblox to life in the House of Innovation in New York.




Snapchat / Lens Studio

Nike came to us with the challenge of bringing their brand new Roblox world into reality, specifically inside their flagship House of Innovation store in Manhattan, New York. Taking direct inspiration from the world they had created digitally, we installed three unique and engaging AR lead experiences for the public to interact with. A one-of-a-kind, custom-built ‘magic mirror’ placed the user into Nikeland, turning them and their friends into characters from Roblox with giant basketball heads. Using marker tracking like never before, users got to play the most immersive game of Floor Is Lava ever. Vinyl floor decals came to life in AR, turning into floating rocks surrounded by bubbling lava and a spitting volcano. A huge pachinko game, the full height of one of the walls, challenged users to get their basketballs into the hoops at the end of the course. Using the Snapchat Lens Studio to power the experience, the installation was in place for over 6 weeks, after being extended due to its popularity. We worked with various departments at Nike, fabricators, hardware specialists, Nike Store Ambassadors, and commercial printers to bring the Nikeland creative vision into the real world in the most spectacular way possible.