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Nike Victory Reimagined

Utilising Snapchat’s Remote Assets for the first time in a sponsored lens, we created an expanding Nike world where multiple female led events could be celebrated


Nike and Snapchat


Snapchat / Lens Studio

2023 was a big year for women’s sport. With Nike’s ‘Victory Reimagined’ kicking off in January, we were tasked with creating a lens through which users could explore the different events and stories throughout the year, without having to find a new lens each time.
Remote Assets allowed us to create, for the first time in a sponsored lens, an evolving environment which could contain all of the events in one place. The lens's main space was the Victory Reimagined Locker Room, which served as the central hub for users to navigate the experience. Themed locker doors represented a specific women's sporting event, such as the Nike Women's Soccer League, WNBA, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and the Women's World Cup 2023. Users could select a locker door to enter a mini world dedicated to that event. Within each mini world, users could engage in a personalised selfie moment, an interactive AR experience, and other interactive elements.
The creation of this lens was only possible due to Snapchat trusting us with the remote assets technology, which utilises cloud-style storage, and expand the available space for content in a single lens from 8MB to 50MB. This gave us the unique opportunity to create rich and detailed environments, include complex animations, and not have to compromise on the creative concepts.
Working closely with each event's marketing team at Nike, the larger Victory Reimagined creative team, Snapchat, and athlete stakeholders, each update required a brand new concept, while also fitting into the structure and voice of the established lens. Updates were made regularly over a six month period, encouraging users to return again and again.