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Nike wanted to reset by celebrating mindfulness as equal to movement. To help them, plai created a series of AR meditation exercises to enable the Nike audience to attain holistic health.




Snapchat / Instagram

Nike have always been gamechangers, and this time, they set their sights on fitness itself. They understood that fitness isn’t just the domain of marathon runners and 5am gym rats, but can also be a tool anyone can use to be their best self. The Nike ‘feel your all’ campaign looked to balance movement with mindfulness, transitioning away from a sole focus on ‘podium sports’ and encouraging women to explore the abundant world of movement.
plai created a series of AR meditation experiences to encourage this sense of holistic health. On Instagram, users can immerse themselves in a virtual gong bath - accessible wherever they are, whenever they need it. In the front camera experience, gongs illuminate in a sequence which the user then follows. Surrounded by trees and the sounds of nature and gongs chiming, words of affirmation appear on screen as they continue the sequence. In the back camera, there’s no sequence to follow - just freeplay with the gongs and watch as flowers slowly bloom in the world around you. Throughout the experience there’s no timer, no points and no failstate - the ongoing experience is distinctly non-gamified, a flowing ritual offering a moment of respite from the busy world.
For Snapchat, users can unwind with a stretch lens - a series of face and arm stretches designed to encourage relaxation and endorphin release. Body tracking technology allows us to guide the user through a series of stretches, literally pairing movement with mindfulness. In another Snapchat lens, we created space for the Nike audience to communicate how they ‘feel your all’ via a journaling experience - text prompts encourage users to explore what makes them feel at peace, or grounded, or most confident. The end result is a personalised affirmation ready to be saved or shared with the world - a virtual take on mindful manifestation.
A cross-platform initiative utilising world AR, body tracking, immersive audio and personalisation - a campaign solution with its own holistic health.