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Nike - Maxxed Out for Air Max Day

In honour of Air Max Day, we created a new Snapchat experience that celebrated this iconic Nike style and marked the launch of the Air.Max movement in 2023




Snapchat / Lens Studio

Since its 1987 launch, March 26 has been synonymous with Nike Air Max. In 2023, Nike wanted to reinvigorate the iconic Air Max identity. Partnering with Snapchat, the brand asked us to create a social lens that encapsulated the ethos of its bold new Air.Max campaign and announced the new shoe designs for Air Max Day. We answered by creating a sleek, stylish Snapchat portal that offered Nike fans a maxxed out experience; users could feel like part of the Air.Max collective, creating their own virtual campaign billboard, and take a first look at the new Air Max designs in detailed 3D.