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Nike LeBron XX

A shoe launch to celebrate the career of one of the most beloved athletes of all time? Check.
Brand new ad platform with unique interactive capabilities? Check.
An epic battle between Father Time and LeBron James? Check.




Meta / Instagram

For the launch of the LeBron XX, a brand new shoe celebrating James’ 20th year in basketball, Nike wanted to make a statement. And what better way than to use Meta’s brand new Instagram ad format, Infinite Windows? Infinite Windows allows users to interact with the video ad, just like they would with a video game. Taking inspiration from the Nike LeBron vs. Father Time campaign, we created an epic race between the two, during which the player interacts to give LeBron the edge, and beat Father Time with style. Combining detailed 3D character animations, rich level design, expansive world building, and slow-motion quicktime events, the final piece looks and feels like a premium video game, all while using experimental and innovative Meta tech. We worked very closely with Nike, LeBron’s representatives, and Meta’s technical team to create something unlike anything users had seen or interacted with before. We also created several supporting assets, including teaser videos, and an Instagram filter used by LeBron and shared with his 158 million followers.