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Air Jordan Gratitude Street

A multi-reality Jordan drop that brings fans into the world of the AJ11 Gratitude with a seamless combination of augmented reality, a virtual world, and a street-style dirtbike game


Nike / Jordan



To celebrate Jordan’s biggest drop of the year, the Air Jordan 11, we created a first-of-its-kind way to experience the Jordan 11 ecosystem– the apparel, shoe, and the campaign’s inspiration, EJ @mr.dirtbike_kid. The experience begins with an AR unboxing. Users place the virtual AJ11 box in their world, spin it around, and when clicked, the box opens to reveal a portal to Gratitude Street.

Gratitude Street is the hub of the experience, an interactive world inspired by the campaign’s films. The film’s bridge location was redesigned to become an outdoor gallery. A larger than life Jordan 11 anchors the experience, with mens, womens and kids clothing each getting a showcase on the street. Instead of standard mannequins, we fashioned the looks in dynamic poses set on props from the campaign photography. We carefully reconstructed the campaign’s aesthetic. Distant city lights, a mountainous so-cal horizon, and silhouetted power lines over the bridge captured the time and place. We then specially coded film grain and color grade shaders to bring the campaign’s warm docu-style to life.

The highlight of the experience is the street-style dirtbike game. The game needed to be uniquely Jordan, so we studied the moves of EJ mr.dirtbike_kid to bring bike-life to a classic driving style game. Instead of hitting big air or drifting, users ride wheelies one-handed and stand on the seat of the bike, dancing to the tunes. Users collect rings, avoid slow-downs, and nab multipliers by doing tricks. To get the word out, the game ends with a shareable high-score card. Jordan asked their fans how high they can score, and the internet responded.

Gratitude Street is also a huge tech win. Everything from the AR to the game is platform-independent. Avoiding a closed platform means we have the ability to push the tech beyond the expected. It also gave Jordan the ability to seamlessly integrate into their SNKRs and Nike apps while maintaining ownership over analytics.